Astana Times Expands Coverage to Share Kazakh News, Opinion, Culture and Sports with Western World

Special Issue No. 123, Nov 9, 2012

The November edition of the English language newspaper, the Astana Times, has grown into a multi-section newspaper covering major foreign and domestic policy initiatives, economic opportunities, tourism and cultural events, opinion pieces and sports in Kazakhstan.

The monthly newspaper now includes a front page, or “A” section, followed by multi-item sections including NATION, EURASIA & WORLD, ECONOMY & BUSINESS, OPINION (including an Editorial page) NATION & CAPITAL, PEOPLE, CULTURE, COUNTRY, TOURISM and SPORTS.

The full version of the paper can be viewed online here.

Highlights of this month of expanded front section coverage include: the celebration of Qurban Ait; enhanced business ties with Turkey following President Nazarbayev’s official visit there on October 10; initiation of the People’s IPO program; the successful completion of the joint Kazkah-U.S.-Russian Degelen Project to secure Soviet era nuclear materials left in the mountains of the Semipalatinsk site.

The NATION section features coverage of the 10th Eurasian Media Forum held in Astana and other stories.

The ECONOMY & BUSINESS pages feature stories about President Nazarbayev’s late October visit to Austria and the $220 million in business deals that were signed in Vienna. Other articles highlight investment opportunities and economic progress in Kazakhstan.

The new OPINION and Editorial page offers perspectives on the progress of religious tolerance, emergency preparedness and the modernization of the Samruk-Kazyna Welfare Fund by its chairman, Umirzak Shukeyev.

In addition to political and economic subject matter, the Astana Times also contains remarkable coverage of the vibrant culture and daily life in major Kazakh cities, shares suggested stops and tips for foreign tourists on what should not missed while visiting this land of great hospitality and natural beauty.

The Astana Times’ SPORTS section covers the Kazakh Women’s Beach Volleyball team’s success at the recent Bangsaen Thailand Open, where they placed 8th, and the national sailing team’s unprecedented victory in the 2012 Qatar Sailing Open.

We hope you enjoy the new, expanded coverage offered in this month’s edition of the Astana Times.

The newspaper's easy to use website, is professionally designed and serves as a useful web portal for up-to-date information about all things Kazakhstan. The printable PDF-version of the newspaper is available here.