CNN's "Eye on Kazakhstan" program

Special Issue No. 81, Jul 18, 2012

The world media has taken a growing interest in Kazakhstan. The nation has played a leadership role in nuclear non-proliferation. It has also been in the news lately as a key supporter of the Northern Distribution Network to Afghanistan and as the provider of educational opportunities to Afghan students at Kazakh Universities.

Kazakhstan's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and it offers tempting investment opportunities for foreign corporations. The landlocked country is emerging as a transportation and logistical hub in Eurasia, linking China with Europe and Russia with South Asia. Its tourism is poised to grow as it invests in infrastructure making its natural beauty more accessible. Coupled with great hospitality of its people, Kazakhstan is emerging as tourists' paradise in the region.

CNN, in particular, has taken notice and has been recently broadcasting stories titled "Eye on Kazakhstan." The webpage of the program allows the visitors to watch these stories online: .

Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry and its Embassy in Washington, D.C., are pleased to welcome international media to Kazakhstan and hopes that introducing Kazakhstan to the world will make the country even more open to best ideas, technologies and international cooperation.