Minister Idrissov Spoke with Secretary Kerry

Special Issue No. 42, Jul 15, 2013

Upon the completion of the official visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Erlan Idrisov to the United States, he spoke on the phone with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on July 11, 2013. Secretary Kerry was not able to personally meet with his Kazakh counterpart, as he was in Boston attending to his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry, who has been hospitalized.

During their conversation, Secretary Kerry thanked Kazakhstan for its contributions to the stabilization of Afghanistan including support for the Afghan National Security Forces and the social and economic reconstruction of the country. He also praised the leadership of Kazakhstan in the region.

Stressing the leading role of Kazakhstan in the field of nuclear disarmament, Secretary Kerry expressed gratitude to Kazakhstan for hosting two rounds of international negotiations on Iran's nuclear program in Almaty.

Secretary Kerry also expressed great interest in the approved Concept Paper of Kazakhstan's transition to a "green" economy and the measures taken to implement them. Noting the prospect of economic opportunities, he reaffirmed the U.S. interest in working together with Kazakhstan in trade and investment, science and technology.

The Kazakh Minister also briefed his counterpart on the main achievements of Kazakhstan's socio-economic initiatives, goals and objectives set forward in the Strategy "Kazakhstan 2050". Its main objective is enhancing the people's welfare and raising their living standards.

The two leaders together praised the work of the Strategic Partnership Commission, the second meeting of which was held on July 9, 2013. During the meeting, the exchange of diplomatic notes on issuance of 5-year visas to the citizens of both the countries was held. Beginning August 1, citizens of both countries will be able to secure long term visas. It is expected that this agreement will contribute to a significant expansion of travel by U.S. and Kazakh citizens for many purposes including business, scientific, cultural, educational, sporting, and academic exchanges as well as general tourism.

The Minister and the Secretary highlighted the special spirit of partnership between Kazakhstan and the United States, which contributes to the successful development of cooperation in all areas. They agreed to stay in close touch.