On the Recent Advertisement in Washington Examiner

Special Issue No. 118, Oct 23, 2012

In the spirit of openness, the Embassy of Kazakhstan would like to share a diplomatic note sent to the Department of State on the recent invective ad run by Washington Examiner, which was paid for by Human Rights Foundation.

Below is the text of the diplomatic note.

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents its compliments to the United States Department of State and has the honor to convey the following.

Kazakhstan would like to draw attention to the recently published advertisement paid for by the U.S.-based NGO, “Human Rights Foundation.” The ad was accompanied by a letter addressed to the U.S. Government and the Congress that incorrectly accused Kazakhstan’s leadership with “involvement” in the Zhanaozen “massacre.” The letter included a list of Kazakh officials that purportedly could be used as an “effective tool to bring (them) to justice.”

In fact, Kazakhstan provided maximum transparency throughout the Zhanaozen process. International observers, including American NGOs and media, were welcomed and witnessed the trials in their entirety.

The Government of Kazakhstan is frustrated by the false allegations, resents and thoroughly disagrees with the ad and the letter distributed by the Foundation. We strongly assert that they are baseless and biased. Like Americans, Kazakhs value their freedom of speech and we understand that there isn’t much the U.S. Government can do about the ad and the letter. However, the Embassy would like to formally express Kazakhstan’s anxiety and state flatly that the Foundation’s claims are false and unfair.

The Embassy avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the United States Department of State the assurances of its highest consideration.

Washington, DC, October 22, 2012