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Ambassador Kairat UmarovWelcome from Kairat Umarov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United States


I am delighted to welcome you to our website. We have tried to make your visit as easy, useful and interesting as we could.The website, we think, is a vital source of information about Kazakhstan . It covers politics, economics, investment opportunities, culture, history and, of course, tourism.

Kazakhstan is an amazing place. It is geographically huge – about the size of western Europe or four times the size of Texas. It is also incredibly diverse – ethnically, religiously and topographically.  It is the economic anchor of Eurasia and Central Asia with rich natural resources and growing agricultural and high tech sectors. We are also an ancient nation, yet young country, at the cross roads of Asia and Europe. Armies, adventurers and traders have traversed our land for centuries and made it a unique and fascinating country, tolerant society.

We are, quite proudly, a close friend and partner of the United States. Our strategic partnership covers an extremely broad range – from nuclear nonproliferation to medical research. U.S. businesses have invested billions of dollars in Kazakhstan and continue to see us as a land of opportunity because of our transparent markets, our stable government and our adherence to the rule of law and democracy.

Kazakhstan is a beautiful nation with modern infrastructure and hospitable people. Our economy is booming. We are an economic powerhouse in our region and 

an important participant in regional and international affairs. We get along with all nations and act as a bridge of friendship and understanding and great contributor to international peace and regional stability.

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Thank you for your interest in Kazakhstan and I hope you stay in close touch with us online.

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