Kazakhstan exports nearly 1,000 products to more than 100 countries


Kazakhstan exports 970 types of goods to 118 countries, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Industrial Development and Industrial Safety of the Ministry for Investments and Development Timur Nurashev said Nov. 22. According to him, Kazakhstan is an integral part of the world economy and is among the 50 largest exporting countries. “In total we export 970 names of goods to 118 countries. We perform about 200,000 export transactions a year. There are 1,800 Kazakhstan exporters working. Twenty percent of them export goods in the amount of $1 million,” the official emphasised. According to Nurashev, Kazakhstan is known internationally as a supplier of uranium, flour and wheat. The country is among the 10 largest suppliers of crude oil. Nurashev noted the increase in the export of finished products. “Today the share of non-raw products has exceeded 30 percent, though five years ago this indicator was 24 percent,” he reported.