Kazakhstan In the News: Politics

Source Title Post date
The Astana Times George Washington University holds forum on Central Asian integration Nov 25, 2014
Astana Times Kazakhstan Joins ASEM Oct 22, 2014
The Astana Times New book showcases the development of the Kazakh State Nov 6, 2014
The Astana Times Kazakh Senate Elections Held Nov 6, 2014
Blog By Erlan Idrissov, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kazakhstan's diplomacy: advocating win-win approach Oct 20, 2014
The Astana Times Op-Ed calls for greater cooperation between the U.S. and Kazakhstan Oct 22, 2014
Wall Street Journal EU, Kazakhstan Ink Cooperation Pact Oct 20, 2014
World nuclear News Kazakhstan reduces High Enriched Uranium in the country Oct 20, 2014
Tengri News Kazakhstan looking to expand Afghan education program Oct 20, 2014
Reuters Kazakhstan balanced between Ukraine and post-NATO Afghanistan Sep 30, 2014
Fox News Latino Kazakhstan Builds Relations with Mexico Sep 30, 2014
Fox News Latino Kazakhstan to host global gathering of religious leaders Sep 30, 2014
The Hill Close the Door on Nuclear Dangers Sep 30, 2014
Tengri News Kazakh officers to go on UN peacekeeping mission Sep 15, 2014
Yahoo News Kazakhstan enters the the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APFNHRI) Sep 15, 2014
Shalom Life Kazakhstan has a small but thriving Jewish community Aug 22, 2014
The Astana Times President Nazarbayev restructures several key ministries Aug 22, 2014
TengriNews Third of Kazakhstan's Senate seats up for reelection on October 1 Aug 14, 2014
The Astana Times Conference held in Astana to Mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Aug 14, 2014
United States Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan U.S. State Department Officials Discuss Tips and Trends with Kazakh media and officials Jul 1, 2014
KazInform OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities praises Kazakhstan's policies towards ethnic groups Jul 1, 2014
The Astana Times Rumsfeld Foundation Delegates and Fellows Visit Astana Jul 1, 2014
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Kazakhstan Dialogue Central Asia + Japan strengthen regional cooperation Aug 4, 2014
The Astana Times The Atlantic Council promotes greater co-operation between the U.S. and Central Asia Jun 24, 2014
USC News USC Professor praises Kazakhstan's Civil Service Agency Jun 24, 2014
U.S. Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Fatema Sumar emphasizes Kazakhstan's salient role in promoting regional stability Jun 24, 2014
The Astana Times Kazakhstan and OSCE emphasize Kazakhstan's growing role in the security community May 7, 2014
Kazakhstanunsc.com Kazakh MFA launches multilingual website to communicate the main policy priorities of Kazakhstan’s UNSC bid May 21, 2014
Trend Kazakhstan to send $2 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan May 27, 2014
Astana Akimat Kazakhstan Celebrates Victory Day May 12, 2014
U.S. State Department United States Signs Protocol to Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty May 7, 2014
Astana Times UN Special Rapporteur For Freedom of Religion and Belief Praises Kazakhstan Apr 14, 2014
TengriNews New Cabinet has been announced Apr 7, 2014
Kazakh Embassy YouTube page VIDEO: Ambassador's View: Ethnic & Religious Diversity in Kazakhstan Apr 14, 2014
Trend.az Eurasian Media Forum in Astana to Focus on Iran and Ukraine Mar 31, 2014
ABC News New Prime Minister Appointed Apr 7, 2014
The Jamestown Foundation Kazakhstan's Multivector Policy Efficiently Responds to the Ukraine Crisis Mar 31, 2014
Turkish Weekly Kazakh Foreign Policy Concept for 2014 – 2020 and the Ukraine Crisis Mar 22, 2014
The World Bank Institutional Strengthening of the Justice Sector in Kazakhstan Mar 22, 2014
Embassy of Kazakhstan Telephone Conversation with President Barack Obama Mar 11, 2014
AKINews Situation in Ukraine directly influences relations of CIS countries says Nazarbayev Mar 10, 2014
Kazakh Foreign Ministry Statement of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the situation in Ukraine Mar 3, 2014
VOA Senator Markey and Parliamentarians Initiate Nuclear Non-Proliferation Budget Reduction Mar 3, 2014
BNews Kazakhstan, USA lawyers exchanged experience in judicial mediation Mar 3, 2014
BNews Kazakhstan to send 2,500 tons of food products to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid Feb 24, 2014
Aljazeera Kazakhstan: The model of nuclear disarmament Feb 18, 2014
Reuters President Nazarbayev suggests a name change for the country Feb 18, 2014
BNews Kazakh president to participate in Nuclear Security Summit 2014 Feb 5, 2014
Kazakh Foreign Ministry Kazakhstan's Statement on the commencement of implementation of the Joint Action Plan between the E3+3 and Iran on Iran's nuclear program Jan 28, 2014
Official site of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev's 2014 the State of the Nation Address Jan 20, 2014
Radio Azattyq Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Visited the USA Dec 27, 2013
Kazakh TV Bilateral Convention Affirms Growing Important Strategic Partnership Dec 20, 2013
Trend News Kazakh FM attends OSCE Ministerial Council meeting in Kiev Dec 20, 2013
BNews Kazakhstan President condoles Nelson Mandela's death Dec 10, 2013
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry Kazakh MFA Statement on Iran talks Nov 27, 2013
Kazinform Minister Idrissov Opens a New Embassy Building in UK Dec 11, 2013
EurActiv Regional integration is the 'key' to stabilizing Afghanistan Nov 27, 2013
Embassy of Kazakhstan Next Ministerial Meeting of the EU-Central Asia Proposed to be Held in Astana Nov 27, 2013
Kazakh TV Astana hosts VI Congress of Kazakhstan judges Nov 27, 2013
EU News EU Announces Future Commitments for Development with Central Asia Nov 27, 2013
Trend Kazakhstan Gains Observer Status in African Union Nov 18, 2013
Embassy News Kazakhstan and Belize Establish Diplomatic Relations Nov 18, 2013
Bnews.kz Kazakhstan's Anti-Nuclear Atom Project Presented in Vienna Nov 11, 2013
TREND News Kazakhstan and UK discuss prospects of military cooperation Nov 11, 2013
The Daily of UW Kazakhstan Ambassador to U.S. discusses country's vision for future Nov 1, 2013
US News Kazakhstan as a Potential Member at UNSC Nov 1, 2013
Tengri News Civil Service Reforms to Achieve Professional Government Oct 22, 2013
Bnews.kz International Nuclear Fuel Bank in Kazakhstan: Contribution to Non-Proliferation Efforts Oct 22, 2013
KazTag Four Kazakh servicemen will study in U.S. military schools in 2014 Oct 14, 2013
Trend News Kazakhstan's Investment Opportunities Presented in Brazil during the Foreign Minister's visit Oct 14, 2013
The Santiago Times Chile and Kazakhstan Sign ''Milestone'' Cooperation Agreements Oct 14, 2013
IAEA.org IAEA Director General Visits Kazakhstan Sep 3, 2013
CNN World, Global Public Square Blog My Experience of the Nuclear Horror Sep 30, 2013
Astana Calling An Ethical Approach to State Service Sep 24, 2013
Astana Calling President Nazarbayev Addresses SCO Leaders Sep 24, 2013
Kazakh Embassy The ATOM Project events in Washington, DC Sep 17, 2013
NTI.org, Global Security Newswire Obama Official: Scant Hope of Congress Weighing Test-Ban Anytime Soon Sep 17, 2013
Astana Calling Chinese Leader Pays State Visit to Kazakhstan Sep 17, 2013
Tengrinews.kz President Nazarbayev Attends SCO Summit Sep 17, 2013
Trend News President: Kazakh-Russian Cooperation can be Example for Other Countries Sep 17, 2013
United Nations GA/11405 Kazakhstan's Outlawing of Nuclear Weapons Testing Hailed as General Assembly Marks Fourth International Day Sep 9, 2013
Akorda President Nursultan Nazarbayev Opens Third Parliament Session of the Fifth Convocation Sep 9, 2013
Astana Calling Kazakhstan Celebrates Constitution Day Sep 9, 2013
Astana Calling Kazakhstan Calls for Nuclear Weapons-Free World Sep 9, 2013
Astana Calling Celebration of Kazakhstan's Constitution Day Sep 3, 2013
International Day Against Nuclear Tests UN calls for global efforts to ban n-tests Sep 3, 2013
Astana Calling Foreign Policy in the ''Kazakhstan-2050'' Strategy Sep 4, 2013
Press Release New Mayoral Elections successfully conclude across Kazakhstan Oct 17, 2013
Astana Calling President Nazarbayev Participates in Iranian Inauguration Aug 29, 2013
Astana Calling President Nazarbayev Participates in Iranian Inauguration Aug 20, 2013
Azer News Annual Operation Steppe Eagle Military Exercises Underway Aug 29, 2013
Azernews Annual Operation Steppe Eagle Military Exercises Underway Aug 20, 2013
National Journal Complacency May Be Kazakhstan's Biggest Nonproliferation Risk, Experts Say Aug 12, 2013
Azernews Over 7,000 candidates registered for gubernatorial elections in Kazakhstan Jul 30, 2013
Global Times Kazakhstan offers best possible conduit between East and West Jul 23, 2013
Huffington Post Kazakhstan: Image vs. Reality Jul 23, 2013
transAtlantic Magazine Kazakhstan Foreign Minister and U.S. Senior Officials Reaffirm and Strengthen Strategic Partnership Jul 15, 2013
OAS website OAS Secretary General Receives Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Jul 15, 2013
The Telegraph Kazakhstan and Britain must cooperate for peace, energy and security Jul 1, 2013
Trend Kazakh president and British PM to discuss oil and gas sector Jun 18, 2013